Ashwagandha – source of life

Withania somnifera(somnifera – the one who delivers us dream) is one of the most precious ayurvedic herbs, in traditional health system of India. It helps with coordination between mind and senses, which is very important for good, long and quality sleeping. The key is connection between mind and body, and psycho-neurological immune reaction, when it comes to mental and emotional stress and Ashwagandha encourages that connection, giving balance and peace to the mind, which is very important for having the feeling of happiness and pleasure.

It promotes all three aspects of the mind – apprehension, memory and recollection. It has enormous antioxidative potential and promotes healthy immune system.  Ashwagandha is tonifying herb that rejuvenates our body, giving back its natural vitality and sexual potency. It works as aphrodisiac, too. Traditionally it is used for better recovery from illness. It nourishes all body tissues, including joints and nerves, too.

Indications for using ashwagandha are numerous. When you don’t have energy and feel exhausted, fatigue, insomnia, muscle weakness, loss of memory, sclerosis, premature aging, skin problems, heavy breathing, bad circulation, infertility etc.