How to make almond milk at home?!

Why wasting the money on milk replacements in supermarkets? You can make almond milk at home all by yourself! It is pretty easy! Just follow the recipe below!

All you need is a cup of almonds, 4 glasses of water and powerful blender.

Put the almonds in a bowl and cover with water. Soak the almonds in water during the night. Water will soften the skin and you can peel it off very easily. In the morning rinse the almonds and remove the skin.

After that put the almonds in your blender, pour 4 glasses of water or so, turn on the blender and mix until smooth. At the end, strain the mixture through cheese cloth or nut milk bag and remove solids. And finally, there is your homemade almond milk, delicious and nutritious! Enjoy while baking using your own plant milk instead of cow’s or prepare your favorite milk shake! It is creamy and sweet and the best of all you have done it all by yourself! Good for you!