Adaptogenic herb – Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rosea is one of the most mysterious adaptogenic herbs. In the past it was used by Russian athletes and military personnel to improve adaptogenic abilities, strength and stamina. Now there are lot of researches which goal is to prove healing abilities of this magnificent herb and to put them in use in Western world. Healers in India used Rhodiola for centuries to make childbirth easier. It is growing in Siberia, Canada, Europe…Its root is used as medicine. Other names for this herb are golden root and arctic root.

Rhodiola is used for increasing energy, mental and physical stability, to cure anxiety and depression, to help body to resist environmental stress. It is shortening recovery time after sport’s activities, helps to improve prevention of aging, for heart disorders and high cholesterol. Rhodiola boosts immune system and it is also used to treat cancer and diabetes.

But caution is required with people who have bipolar mental disorder and paranoia, it can make symptoms get worse.

It is recommended to take 100 mg capsules, one in the morning 30 min. before breakfast and another 30 min. before lunch. Taking the pill on empty stomach it is easier for the pill to be absorbed. It is not recommended to take Rhodiola in the evening because it can cause troubles with sleeping and vivid dreams!