Nettle and hair growth


It is widely known that nettle can stimulate hair growth. Shampoos with nettle extract can prevent premature hair falling and also to have therapeutic effect if hair falling already has begun. Hair falling is problem that affects both men and women. The causes are numerous: stress at work place, stress at home, bad nutrition, anemia, hormone imbalance, tooth cavities…

Nettle with its ingredients such as histamine and heparin increases blood flow in the scalp allowing nutritive substances to feed hair follicles. Nettle leaves are rich in vitamin C and vitamin K, α- linolenic acid, a valuable omega-3 acid, mucus, potassium and calcium, carotenoids (xanthophylls, luteins and carotenes )…

There are many different brands of shampoos with nettle that are on the market these days and you can improve effect of your nettle shampoo on hair regrowth by enriching it with nettle essence oil or pure nettle leaf extract. Pour 10 ml of extract or essential oil in your nettle shampoo, shake it and use it regularly. Keep using it for 3 months and you will see the difference. Good luck!

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