What is your fruit name?

My fruit name is banana. Banana is my favorite fruit so if I’m going to be a plant in my next life by any chance, I would definitely be a banana. : )

I like putting banana in almost every smoothie that I make. It gives creamy texture and sweetness and above all banana is good to combine with every other fruit. I don’t know any fruit that banana isn’t compatible with. It is like secret ingredient. If you have some fruits in your kitchen and you want to make smoothie but you’re not sure how it is going to turn in the end, add one banana and it is going to be just fine!! If you need something to connect ingredients, there is banana to save you! Perfect in every meal, banana is for me the queen of all fruits!!

You can combine it with strawberries and oat and get energy from this smoothie until lunch in no time. It is easy to prepare and it is so delicious. Or mix banana, soy yogurt and oat – it is even easier. Oh, her majesty banana! There is no end to my imagination!

Did you know that in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania fried banana or matoke is favorite meal or dessert for all generations.

This was my tribute to banana, my favorite fruit.

What is your favorite fruit? 🙂