Potion of youth

For centuries human race seeks potion that will bring us beauty, good health, youth and longevity. I think we have finally found it. But I think it must be said that potion of youth is not for everyone. Why?! Read further and all will be revealed. Not because it is expensive, not because it has awful taste and not because it is impossible to find. It is consisted of only four ingredients. Maybe you have them in your kitchen right now. One of them is water!! Let’s be serious! With powerful blender at hand, we make all kinds of smoothies. One of them is really magical. This magnificent smoothie is my potion of youth. All you need is:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 pomegranate
  • 3 slices of fresh ginger
  • And a little bit of water

The tricky part is that pomegranate is full of seeds. Ok…I succeeded to seed pomegranate, it’s actually not that hard at all. Cut pomegranate in halves, with a spoon or with your fingers separate seeds. Maybe it is easier for you to cut pomegranate in quarters. Or break your halves in small sections using your hands and then separate seeds. That is how I do it. : )  And there you go…piece of cake…Do not forget to use a little bit of white part as well. It is full of fibers. Maybe it is a little bit bitter, but you won’t feel it in your smoothie. If pomegranate have rather pale seeds, their juice will be heavy and it will lack in sweetness. But if pomegranate have dark, deep red seeds, they will be sweet, yummy and magical.

I used to put in blender all of my ingredients, get my smoothie and….surprise, surprise…with every sip I had, there were little particles of seeds that were impossible for me to swallow. I thought …Oh, it doesn’t matter. The inside of every pomegranate seed is full of vitamin E and punicic acid. I would allow gravity to do its job….Let the gravity make deposits of small seeds on the bottom of my glass with smoothie, during time, of course. That didn’t work as I expected, unfortunately. But I was thinking ‘I can do it’. If Japanese people eat fugu fish and risk to die of its poison, actually to have ‘last supper’ I can drink my potion of youth, no matter what!! But I realized I will pass the gravity to Isaac Newton to deal with it, and I will do something else instead. How about to blend pomegranate seeds with a little bit of water and then strain the mixture over a bowl and press to get as much juice as possible. Oh, I felt so smart!!!

Now I’m using homemade pomegranate juice, banana, fresh ginger and a little bit of water, if too tick, to prepare my potion of youth.

I’m glad if I could help someone with my wisdom to enjoy this superfruit smoothie! Strain the mixture, people! And then enjoy! Good luck!