Probiotic food for breakfast

Probiotics are very important for our gut, so we all have to try to incorporate more fermented food into our diet. If you don’t have diary sensitivity, the best solution is to use kefir and probiotic yogurt. Try the light breakfast which includes kefir, blueberries, strawberries, banana, granola, coconut, honey and peach, and garnish it with whatever you like. Honey is actually prebiotic and bananas as well. It is smart to use kefir with no sugar added and with several different probiotic cultures – the more the better!

Slice the fruit, put in the bowl and pour kefir. Add some granola of your choice and mix the ingredients. It is nice to garnish with cinnamon. Add some fruit on top as well. I prefer using fresh fruit instead of frozen but it’s up to you. Of course if it’s winter, we do not have much of a choice, do we?! So the frozen fruit is equally good!  JEnjoy your breakfast! It’s a form of kefir fruit salad!

With this kind of light breakfast you will get fibers, probiotic cultures and natural sugar instead of refined sugar. You will get much needed energy for your day. Try adding oat instead of granola sometimes. Experiment and enjoy! Good luck!